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DBWe've had the opportunity over the past year to engage in some really exciting possibilities for Teachers Life.  I realize that putting "exciting" and insurance together is out of context to most of you, but I do think we are just getting started at the ripe old age of 75.

There are a lot of smart folks around here who, when brought together, were able to identify positive changes for our organization.  That is what we have been doing over the past year and for me it has been exciting.  We've had a chance to reflect on what we do, why we do it and how we do it.  The results of this were not a huge surprise to any of us but were nonetheless worth reaffirming.  One of our guiding principals that is at the core of everything we do is worth repeating (and remembering):

"We don't create insurance products and services to make money.  We make money to build better insurance products and services."

Please make sure you take the time to review the balance sheet and all of the other Annual Meeting materials available in the Members section of this website.  Send in your proxy by mail or vote online and you could win a GoPro camera - and as they say - be a hero! :)

    -Doug Baker
President & CEO, Teachers Life



Are you taking a
CPR certification course?

Teachers Life offers a rebate for CPR training! Members need to mail, email or fax a receipt of payment for a recent CPR certification or re-certification to receive a $50 rebate.  The receipt must clearly show the date, your name, and the name of the organization providing the certification.

For full eligibility details, and other rebates available to Members, please click here.

2014 Hall & Hall
Education Awards

Hall & Hall Education Awards applications are also available for download.  Two awards are granted annually to either a child, grandchild or spouse of a member.  One to a student entering their final year of a concurrent education program, the other award to a student in their first or second year of Teachers College.  Submission deadline is May 31st, 2014.

For complete award details and to download or print applications please refer to our Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards page.

New! Term 20 Insurance:
Apply Online

You can apply for our Term 20 plan online now! With the Teachers Life Term 20 plan you can create coverage that works for you.  Click here to find out more.


 Posaction®Plus is a confidential psychosocial assistance service and free to our LTD policy holders.

If you would like to read the online brochure click here.

Feeling Better Now

 FeelingBetterNow® is an anonymous, web-based mental health care program designed to assist members with a District LTD Plan and their families in the prevention, early diagnosis and ongoing management of common emotional and mental health issues. 

If you would like to read the online brochure click here.


CAREpathTeachers Life has partnered with CAREpath to provide a specialized cancer assistance program to our Members with a District LTD Plan.

If you would like to read the online brochure click here

To access the CAREpath site click here.

Life Insurance - a logical alternative to mortgage insurance

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Life insurance and Critical Illness protection combined. Get a quote and apply online with no medical exams ... applying for coverage has never been easier! to find out more please click here.

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